The favoured route to an established reed bed is by the use of established, hardy plants.

  • Enables seed of a known origin to be used. Use of a certain genotype is important in some projects.

  • By planting established plants, quicker establishing, growing away is achieved.

  • These established plants are better equipped to compete with weeds in the system.

  • Well established and overwintered plants grow away quicker in Spring.


Layering: A technique rarely used today

Use of rhizomes:

The planting of rhizomes can be done, but usually with varied success. Possible objections to this technique would be:

  • Reliance upon the use of well established reed bed to supply the rhizomes.

  • The existing bed has to be dug up to provide the rhizomes for planting.

  • Recovery of the bed following the above can be patchy.

  • The establishment rate of the planted out rhizomes is at best patchy.




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