• Established in 1959 as Bryn Polyn Nurseries, from a green field site.

  • Glasshouse nursery originally, growing protected crops.

  • Diversified into Hardy Herbaceous plants in the 1980’s.

  • Bryn Polyn Nurseries closed its doors to trade in 1995.

  • Reeds from Seeds was born as a company to trade with the Utilities, Environment Agency, Framework Contractors and Groundworks companies. These companies install bio-filter reedbeds. Reeds from Seeds grow and supply the reed plants they require.

  • Today trading as Reeds from Seeds, nationwide sales of predominately Phragmites australis plants.



We grow Reed plants for:


Amenity Purposes

Sewage Treatment

Nature Conservation

Suppliers of quality pot grown reeds and marginal wetland plants.


Reeds from Seeds


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Reeds from Seeds

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The Growing Solution To Water Pollution


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